M.Sc. in Digital Electronic Systems, Amirkabir University of Technology. 2017-Present

Thesis: A Proactive Elastic Micro-service scheduling algorithm for cloudlets in IoT applications

Current GPA: 3.80/4


B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology. 2013–2017

Total GPA: 3.86/4 (18.69/20)

Ranked 3rd, among Electronics group graduated students


Physics and mathematics, National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) High school, Mashad, Iran. 2009–2013

Total average: 19.86/20 


Research Interests


  1. 1  Cloud Computing

  2. 2  Serverless Computing

  3. 3  Function as a Service (FaaS), Microservice Scheduling, Resource Allocation and Auto Scaling 

  4. 4  Timeseries Prediction and Analysis (Especially in cloud computing) 

  5. 5  Statistics and Stochastic Processes

  6. 6  Cloud Computing for Internet of Things(CoT)

  7. 7  Statistical Machine Learning and Deep-learning





  1. “PESS-MinA: A Proactive Stochastic Task Allocation Algorithm for FaaS Edge-Cloud envi- ronments”, A.Danayi, S.Sharifian, ICSPIS 2018 (IEEE), Tehran, Iran.
  2. “A novel algorithm based on time-frequency analysis for extracting melody from human whistling”, A.Danayi, S.Seyedin, ICSPIS 2018 (IEEE), Tehran, Iran.
  3. “uProcessors Lab: A guide to ARM cortex-M microcontrollers”, A. Danayi, Self published voluntary lecture-notes booklet, Amirkabir university of Technology. 
  4. “The challenge of complicated processing in embedded systems as a support for IoT (Per- sian)”, S.Gholami, A.Danayi, M.Barzegari, H.Bayani, The international conference of applications and infrastructures of IoT, University of Isfihan, Isfihan, Iran, COI (Index): IOTCONF01_014. 



Honors (Highlights)


  1. Direct M.Sc. Award, Granted studying M.Sc. in Digital Electronics without participating university entrance exam as a reward for bachelor rank, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
  2. Ranked 3rd, in Electrical Engineering, Electronics group, Amirkabir university of Technology, Tehran, Iran.
  3. The head of technical committee, Appreciated by IEEE Iran-section as “The head of technical committee” of Autronics 2015, National Autronics Electronics competitions.
  4. University elite student, Granted monthly fund by national elites of Iran institute as a “University elite student”, National elites institue, Iran.
  5. Ranked 391st, in university entrance exam (Konkour), among more than 300,000 participants.





    Programming and Development
  3. Matlab/C++/C/Python programming, Skilled

  4. GUI development using Qt (C++) and PyQt, Skilled

  5. Development on (and for) Linux and Embedded Linux, Experienced

  6. Java/C#/R/Go, Familiar


  8. DSP and ML Implementation

    Google Tensorflow deep-learning programming (Python)

  9. High Performance Digital Signal Processing (MATLAB/C++/Python)

  10. Real-Time Digital Signal Processing on ARM Cortex-M: CMSIS

  11. Image Processing using openCV (Python) platform

  12. Familiar with R language

  13. Familiar with Verilog and FPGA development


    Embedded systems development
  16. ARM cortex-M: CMSIS, HAL, MBED

  17. Arduino platform

  18. ARM cortex-A: Embedded Linux based devices programming

  19. PCB Design


  21. Writing and presentation applications

  22. LATEX, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio

  23. Microsoft Excel

  24. Microsoft Powerpoint

Hi, I'm Abolfazl Danayi


Cloud Engineer


My name is Abolfazl Danayi. I am 23 years old and I am living in Tehran, Iran. I have got my B.Sc. from Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT) and I was ranked 3rd among Digital Electronics students. Currently, I am in the second year of my Masters program which I was credited for in the same university.


I am skilled in Cloud Computing, Stochastic Processes, Signal Processing, Statistical Machine Learning and Programing




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